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Starting life as a candle making supply company in Georgia, Fragrance Buddy only continues to grow throughout the years. The Peach State is the heart of the fragrance manufacturing industry in the Southern part of the United States. One issue we kept coming across in our early days, however, was that most big fragrance manufacturers couldn’t be bothered to assist smaller up-and-coming businesses.

We knew we had to do something about this. That is why we started this online store to help small businesses purchase all of the fragrance supplies needed to make your own products. We buy bulk fragrances from these big manufacturers and then sell them to you at the prices you deserve so that you can grow your company just like we did ours. Contact us for more information about the history of our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your fragrances more affordable than other resellers?

First, we buy in bulk to force the price down. Second, we are in Georgia, so we don’t pay much freight. Third, we plan to sell lots of fragrances, so we don’t have to mark up each item as much.

Why are some bottles fuller than others?

We sell by weight, not volume. (Example: Citrus will be fuller)

Promise to our customers: 
We will offer a quality product at a very competitive price.

Customer Service:
We are a web based company so pleased direct all customer service inquires to our contact page or

We ship via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground.
We currently do not offer international shipping

Georgia residents will be charged sales tax unless a valid Tax Id number is given.

Monday - Friday 9-5pm We are closed on weekends and all Federal Holidays.

Pay Pal is our secure payment processor, you may use debit card, credit card, or direct pay through Pay Pal.

All oils are sold by weight not volume, fill levels will vary.

I do not offer "ship now, pay later".
All orders must be paid for in full before I will ship your order.
If you pay by echeck through PayPal, all funds must clear before your order is shipped.

Due to the nature of our products, returns are not accepted. Please order samples before ordering in larger quantities.

No add on orders will be accepted.

Only ONE discount may be used per order. I will not accept discounts after expiration time, no exceptions. Make sure you add the discount code in the DISCOUNT COUPON box during checkout. The discount will not work if you add it in the COMMENTS box and you will not receive the discount.

Paypal or credit card through PayPal secure server.

If you have received damaged goods refuse your shipment.
If your package arrived while you were away, contact UPS immediately.

Please email us your claim number after filing the claim with UPS

Cancellations of orders on your part will result in a $25.00 restocking fee, no exceptions.

Your customer information is private and we respect your privacy. We do not share your personal information with anyone for any reason.

I test all oils in a blend of CBL125 paraffin container wax and Golden Brand 415 soy with natural additives with various wicks.

The results posted on the website are from our ingredients used. You are responsible for your own testing. Our results are posted as guidelines only, it does not guarantee that your results will be the same.

I do not claim that all oils will work for all wax/wick types, or with your soap ingredients, bath and body recipes, CP or M&P Soap. You will need to test.

All of Fragrancebuddy oils are custom made. These oils are provided for evaluation and testing by YOU, the consumer, without any representations or warranties by us concerning the compatibility with any of your products, formulations or other uses. It is solely the responsibility of the consumer to evaluate, test and determine the suitability of the fragrances in your product. The user assumes all risk of use of any product made from these formulations whether or not in accordance with any directions or suggestions of this supplier.

** We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at anytime **


Q & A Page

Why are your fragrances cheaper than other resellers?

First we buy in bulk to force the price down.

Second we are in Georgia so we don't pay much freight.

Third we plan to sell lots of fragrances so we don't have to mark up each fragrance much.

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Why are some bottles fuller than others?
We sell by weight not volume. (Example: Citrus will be fuller than a Musk)
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